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Hole 1 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 1

Chalk Caves of Bury St Edmunds

Interconnecting chalk tunnels totalling over 500 metres in length. Inhabited by bats that hibernate in the caves from September to April.

Hole 2

Black Shuck

In English folklore, a ghostly black dog was said to roam the countryside of East Anglia. Folk were frightened of the ghost dog with distinctive red eyes.
Hole 2 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 3 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 3

Nethergate Brewery And Distillery

Established in Clare in 1986 taking its name from the street. Now an award winning brewery in Long Melford. Offering a brewery tour and beer making.

Hole 4

Suffolk Artists

John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough and Alfred Munnings were some of the finest painters in England all born and bred in Suffolk. 

Hole 4 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 5 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 5

Wool Towns

In medieval times Sudbury and the surrounding villages grew wealthy from the production and trade of woollen cloth. Lavenham has been famous for its blue cloth ever since.

Hole 6

Suffolk Water Park

A premier day-ticket fishery near Ipswich, comprising of 6 fishing lakes where you can fish for a variety of species including large carp. It’s also famous for its breakfasts at the Waterfront Diner.
Hole 6 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 7 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 7

Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo is an Anglo-Saxon royal burial site near the town of Woodbridge. In 1939 Basil Brown discovered the richest intact early medieval grave in Europe within a 27-meter-long ship.

Hole 8

Castle Ruins

Suffolk has 13 castles or ruins. Clare castle was owned by one of the richest women in England, Elizabeth de Clare who gave the building its name.
Hole 8 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 9 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 9

Suffolk Bridges

Suffolk has many bridges.

Hole 10

Suffolk Punch Horse

Originated in Suffolk in the 16th century and is the oldest breed in Britain. Distinctive in shape and the colour can only be chestnut. During the First World War they were used for pulling guns and heavy supply wagons. Now classified as a critically endangered breed.
Hole 10 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 11 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 11

The Ugly Tree

Located in the grounds of Stowlangtoft Hall stands a 70ft tall beech tree thought to be the ugliest tree in the world.

Hole 12

The Snake

Suffolk is home to the grass snake and adder. The adder has a black zig-zag along the body and is venomous. They eat mice and voles. They may live for 20 years. Often found on links golf courses. Have been known to swallow golf balls mistaking them for eggs.

Hole 12 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 13 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 13

Water Mills of Suffolk

There are about 130 Suffolk water mills with the oldest working one is the 18th century mill at Pakenham. A watermill works by the force of the water pushing the blades of the wheel which then turns an axle that powers the milling machinery.

Hole 14

The Suffolk Swans

The mute swan is very common in Suffolk and is found on canals, ponds, lakes and rivers. The female is known as a pen and the male is a cob. Their average lifespan is 10 years.

Hole 14 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 15 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 15

Ipswich Town Football Club

ITFC were founded in 1878 and have won the English league (1962), the FA Cup (1978), and the UEFA cup (1981). Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson both went on from managing Ipswich Town to managing England, with Sir Alf’s team winning the World Cup in 1966.

Hole 16

Crooked House

Lavenham was one of the richest communities in England because of its wool trade. Built in 1395, The Crooked House is a surviving part of a grand hall house. The popular nursery rhyme ‘There was a crooked man’ was inspired by the crooked house.

Hole 17 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 17

The Dragon of Bures

An evil dragon appeared in the land around Bures in the 15 th century where it killed a herd of sheep. The servants tried to shoot it with bows but its body resisted the arrows. Almost the whole country was summoned to slaughter the beast but it fled to the marsh and was seen no more.

Hole 18

Suffolk Coast

Stretches for 50 miles through heritage coastline and areas of outstanding natural beauty. From the sandy beaches at Lowestoft to the pretty town of Aldeburgh the Suffolk coast has it all.

Hole 18 - Suffolk Adventure Golf
Hole 19 - Suffolk Adventure Golf

Hole 19

Lucky 19

Octopuses have 3 hearts and blue blood. They squirt ink to deter predators and they have no bones so can squeeze in and out of tiny spaces. A giant octopus can live for 5 years. **CENTRE HOLE GETS FREE GAME**